Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tale of an Ebay Account Hijack

Portage resident's Ebay profile hacked,

219.762.1397, ext. 2225
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About a week ago, a stranger knocked on Tammy

Timpe's door, looking for his Jeep Grand Cherokee.
The Portage resident was confused when the visitor,
Todd Price, expected to drive off with a 53,000-mile
Cherokee, listed on eBay for less than $3,000.

"It seemed too good to be true," he said.Turns out, it

was. someone had hacked into her eBay account information
and posted for auction the vehicle under her name.

About three hours earlier Price, browsing the site for a car

to buy his wife, purchased the Cherokee, choosing the "Buy
It Now" option. Skeptical when asked for a Western Union money
order, Price drove 100 miles to Timpe's house, trailer in tow,
to pay for the car in person.

But Timpe had no Cherokee to sell him. In fact, it had been a

while since she'd even logged into her eBay account.

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