Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vendor Security Lapse Has eBay Sellers Fuming

As posted by Ira Steiner on the Auctionbytes Blog February 17, 2007.

A list of eBay sellers containing names, addresses, and user names and passwords was discovered online this week. On Tuesday, eBay users began buzzing about the list in a thread entitled, "Is eBay like the Titanic" on the eBay Trust & Safety board, with someone including a link to the list.

eBay removed the link, according to eBay spokesperson Hani Durzy. "The link was taken down for obvious reasons. The boards are not to be used to promote illegal activities," he said. But the remaining posts made it clear users remained concerned and angry.

Durzy told AuctionBytes on Friday afternoon that the data was several years old. eBay believed the data was the result of users giving out their passwords to scammers through phishing emails, and had no reason to believe the rumor that the information came from a third-party developer.

But several hours later, an eBay member sent AuctionBytes an active link to a list of customer names on Prosperpoint, a developer that provides eBay sellers with auction-management services.

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