Tuesday, April 03, 2007

eBay under fire from the beauty industry

At the European Intellectual Property Rights Forum, held in Paris, France on March 20 and 21, anti-counterfeiting bodies called for the law to be strengthened to protect brands from the online sale of both unauthorized and counterfeit goods.

Much of the negative attention has been focused on online marketplace eBay. In the US alone, gray market and counterfeit beauty trade on eBay “has been tracked to upwards of $100m in lost revenues per year,” Joe Loomis, president of brand protection at online monitoring firm Net Enforcers tells CosmeticNews.

In Europe, Guido Baumgartner, director of global brand protection, Coty Prestige / Lancaster Group GmbH says that “[eBay] is a substantial problem for us, with not only gray market but also counterfeit and stolen goods”.

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