Friday, January 11, 2008

Spammers in Full Force in 2007

According to the anti-spam website SpamStopsHere, spam accounted for 95% of all email traffic in the year 2007. Spammers grew increasingly bolder in 2007 with the development of new techniques and tactics that had not been seen in previous years.

Likewise, the number of email phishing scams also rose dramatically in 2007. The majority of phishing attacks centered on Paypal, Ebay, and the banking industry.

“2007 was a challenging year for the antispam industry and a phenomenal year for us,” said Ted Green, President of SpamStopsHere. “With spam reaching such critical levels, our customer base has grown substantially due to the simple fact that many of our competitors have difficulty keeping their antispam solutions up to date with the latest spam campaigns."

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