Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Alabaster man facing new scam charges over chainsaws on eBay

A 45-year-old Alabaster man, already accused of scamming people out of thousands of dollars, today was charged in connection with a scheme to take money from people using eBay.

David "Chopper" Strevel, once a baseball/softball youth league president, was charged with two counts of theft of property, Alabaster police say. It marks the third time police arrested Strevel in six months.

This time Strevel is accused of defrauding 114 people out of $40,000 by putting chainsaws up for sell on eBay, collecting money and never delivering chainsaws to people.

source: Birmingham News

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Rozz said...

This company is something else. They hold auctions on Proxibid, show a photo of the item you are suppose to be bidding on, but that isn't the item they send you. All three items that I was suppose to received were not what they claimed they were. Instead, you get a broken version, incomplete version, smelly, dirty, dead insects, missing parts, broken parts, and not the items they showed in the auction photographs. Then, when they bill you, they do it in 2 separate billings; one thru Proxibid and the other thru PayPal. They do this so that if you decide to dispute the charge thru PayPal, they
escalate it to a claim and since the dispute is regarding the quality or since you did receive something from them, PayPal automatically rules in their favor since it was not an Ebay auction. It's a way to circumvent the system to their advantage. I have published a blog that shows the emails sent from them to me and vice versa as well as photos showing what I was suppose to be bidding on and what I received instead. Also, as far as they are concerned, the matter is closed. As far as I'm concerned, this is just the beginning. I am posting this to each and every place I can find and reporting it to each and every agency I can find. A scam is a scam. Here is the link to my first blog and I will continue blogging until hell freezes over: