Monday, April 28, 2008

Ebay Fraud Alert: Ebay Pulse Scam Exposed With Video and Transcript

Another huge kink in eBay’s armor has been revealed today. Several eBay members have managed to manipulate eBay by rigging the eBay Pulse page and making thousands of dollars per month for their effort.

Full story including video and account of events of this scam.
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An eBay member has apparently created a piece of software that creates hundreds of thousands of fake eBay accounts. He is then able to use these accounts to create watchers for his and several other eBay members auctions.

This allows eBay users ’mysterygiant’, ’jjfjq’ and ’kekoa64’ to dominate the eBay Pulse page at will. The eBay Pulse page is the single highest traffic webpage on eBay.

source: WebWire

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