Thursday, March 08, 2007

Attacks on eBay Continue, While Cover Up Machine Rolls On

It has been over two weeks now since a daily bombardment of scam listings started appearing on, allegedly perpetrated by Romanian hacker, Vladuz. This current wave of fraudulent listings numbers between 1-3 million fake listings per day. eBay Inc. has gotten better at catching them and having them disappear before too many people are exposed to them. New threats are starting to emerge on the security front for eBay, and they're doing the best they know how to cover up the current situation and deflect possible bad exposure from the new threat.

On Sunday, we watched first hand as eBay Trust & Safety battled the scammers. A common search string was posted to a thread on the T&S eBay discussion board, which is currently discussing the attacks. This search string when plugged into the eBay search revealed over 500 obvious scam listings by a couple of different sellers for high ticket items with low starting bids and text in the description that led potential buyers to email for a Buy It Now price.

Same basic MO of many scams recently. Over the next several hours and into the evening, the number of listings fluctuated between 120-600 scam listings, as eBay worked to remove them from the site. By the next morning, there were only five remaining listings to be found using that particular search string. Many of the listings listed San Jose (eBay's headquarters are there) as the location, but the seller was registered in Canada, and used pictures from completely listings on eBay for the listings.

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