Monday, March 26, 2007

TEMPUR exposes counterfeit mattresses on Ebay

As the popularity of visco-elastic mattresses continues to grow, brand leaders TEMPUR are battling to protect consumers from the increasing number of counterfeit products being sold on the internet. Sellers on both eBay and other online bed distributors claim to offer ‘genuine’ TEMPUR Products at low prices, when in fact these products are lower quality copies.

The TEMPUR Material was originally designed by NASA and was used in space-suits today to protect astronauts from the enormous g-forces experienced during lift-off and flight. TEMPUR bought the commercial license for the material in the 1980s and have since perfected it for home and medical use – they are still the only commercial company licensed to use this material.

For the last six months TEMPUR have been working hard to eradicate people selling counterfeit products. Working closely with eBay and their solicitors, TEMPUR are eliminating offending sellers and removing false claims from other websites.

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