Friday, March 02, 2007

The Ebay Police Blotter

Just stumbled on this one while looking for something totally different...

The Global Law Enforcement Operations Team (huh?) at Ebay posts this about the Ebay Police Blotter:

"Hello! and welcome to the Global Law Enforcement Operations Police Blotter. Most Community members have not heard much about what eBay does behind the scenes to pursue, apprehend and prosecute fraudsters on and The purpose of the Police Blotter is to share information with the Community about our efforts with law enforcement around the world. As you know, eBay Inc. is committed to creating a safe, well lit marketplace. When people break our policies, violate consumer trust and the law of the land, eBay and PayPal work with law enforcement agencies around the world to apprehend and prosecute fraudsters. For that reason, eBay created the Global Law Enforcement Operations team."

Right. OK... good idea I suppose. But in a slightly more perfect world the vast majority of resources belong in checks and balances to prevent fraud. Its great that the Global Law Enforcement Operations Team is standing by to bust those engaging in auction fraud. Not so great that we need such a thing. (cool name though)

The link to the page is Here

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