Monday, March 19, 2007

Australian eBay thief made huge profit

A man stole $AUS42,000 ($NZ46,000) after hacking into eBay and Australian bank accounts last year, with eBay now set to trial individual security keys to protect members.

The Commonwealth Bank has had online security keys, or "key fobs", since January. The devices are small electronic gadgets that generate a number that must be typed into accounts to verify access and transactions.

Dov Tenenboim, 21, of North Bondi, used his home computer to hack into at least 90 different eBay seller accounts last year, according to police.

After hacking into the eBay accounts of Wendy Runge and Kathy Gill, he sold $AUS13,482 ($NZ15,000) worth of nonexistent Apple iPod music players. After each sale he would direct his victims to pay for the goods by transferring money into the bank accounts of his accomplices.

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